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Hello, Guests i'm Karsy the founder of the pack.We are happy you visited our little family pack. We are pack with good history and fun events, so if you mind to join please view the rules and our history. Then go to Forum applications and post a joining form. The pack will be glad if you join. Thanks for reading!

Into the sun hight in the sky one pack watches the word with eagle eyes.
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 Pack Thread

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PostSubject: Pack Thread   Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:17 am

Ok so here is our thread on topicbuzz: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Here is about the members. With this you can view your stats without going on wq or topicbuzz.:
Pack ranks:

Sun is like the Alpha.Leader of the pack who controls and runs the pack.The Suns are patiet and respectful members they lead the pack and control it.Suns should not be aggressive wolves.
Karsy(WinterRose33)=Too manyEfA
-Rank closed-

These are the Betas of the pack.When the Sun haves work they look up for the pack and take cotrol if need.They have main place in the pack when the Suns can't the Stars take over the control.All members should listen to the Stars, they know what they are doing.
Okarina(N/A)= 20%

-Rank open-

These are wolves of the pack how helped the leader or members, member who is loyal, active and does is job.These wolves will be chosen every mouth from the Suns or Stars.


-Rank is closed-

They are hunters of the pack this rank exisit loyalty and hunting skills helping for feeding the pack.The Lights are main ranks for feeding the pack.From their hunting skills the pack will starve or eat.This is really hard rank and very risky.
Lead Light-Bolt(N/A)=50%
Jin Kei(ikl)=2%

-Rank open-

Nova Star
They are like the Deltas they look after the pack when Stars can't.They are like Beta helpers they help the Stars with doing their day job.
Lead Nova Star-Must be earned

-Rank open-

These are the warriors of the pack,they protect the pack from predators and other wolves.They have to be brave, this skill is needed for this rank.Galaxy's fighting skills are hight needed for protection of the pack from predators and loner wolves.
Lead Glaxy-Pheonix(yujung)=60%PMofTM

-Rank open-

These are explorares of the pack.They patrol the territory around and then tell the info from the patrol on the Sun or Stars.They are also good trackers.Comets can follow tracks and explore around.They will have to patrol at least one time a day.
Lead Comet-Must be earned
►Wild(natsmycat)[second character]=60%

-Rank open-

Young Stars
They are one year old young wolves.The rank is highter than the Shine but lower than normal ranks.When the wolf get older he earns his pack rank.This age wolves must be tranen from pack members for their future ranks.Usually that doesn the Old Shines.
Lead Young Star-Must be earned

-Rank open-

These are the pups.They will have to wait until they growl up earn the Young Stars rank from then they earn they ranks.Till then they will be protected from the Old Shines(omegas)

-Rank open-

Old Shines
Like omegas but they have a work-to keep pups safe and away from predators.Old shines rank is currently special for mothers with their pups, when the mother is on hunt the Old Shine will take care of the pups.They are hightly popular rank no mater that is the lowest.
Lead Old Shine-Must be earned

-Rank open-

Blue Stars
They are the healer of the pack.They take care of old and wounded wolves.They will take care of wounded wolves.They are hightly related to the herbs.They know lot about the herbs and their fealing process.
Lead Blue Star-Must be earned

-Rank open-

Pack friend/Loners
These are members who are not sure what's the pack like so to join as pack friends.Loners are wolves who are no currently in the pack they RP as loners.They could not make contest or join them.

-Rank open-

▪️“*Sun Blaze Pack▪️☼“*
Come join us!
-Karsy- proud to be a -Sun-

By Pheonix.
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Lead Warrior
Lead Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Pack Thread   Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:40 am

Thank you Karsy! I couldn't connect to WQ, so I was dying of curiousity on my percentage of trust Very Happy
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Pack Thread
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